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This page is meant to expose the offensive and bigoted tweets of a person who goes by the twitter ID of Zai or @heavenl77. She has been linked to the following LinkedIn page where she claims she is a student at Carleton University in Ottawa in Social Work. As I receive more screen shots of her tweets, I will add them to this archive. 

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Lies Zai has made in her LinkedIn Bio

In her work history, she claims to have been a teacher, yet a search of the Ontario Teacher College online records fails to turn up her name as being registered either as holding a past or current teacher's certificate. She also claims to have authored a healing strategy for First Nations published in the Canadian Native Online Social Work Journal. A search by subject, author and date failed to show up any such work in the journal. Screen Capture of the search found in the April 5 update at towards bottom of this page.




The following are  some of the many tweets by Zai that have been screen captured and sent to me for archiving and display. I have a feeling that when she says that "See you later, ugly trolls. I have a date" that her date is made of plastic and is battery powered.






 Another conversation where she displays, what I would hope is not a method of debate suitable for a university graduate. Does Carleton U teach this as a form of debate?


An example of how Zai relates to the elderly and the mentally infirm. Would you want your parent to have to deal with someone that has this attitude towards the elderly? And would a graduate of the social work program at Carleton U have this type of attitude and publicly express it?


Further Examples of the Professionalism shown by Zai Khadoo-Mautbur Graduate of School of Social Work at Carleton University





Here, Zai created a twitter account that purports to be an account of one of the targets of her harassment campaigns. She distorted the pic used by her target, and posted the phone number of another target of her harassment to imply solicitation a sex act. A rather juvenile action for someone who states that they are a professional social worker.


March 29 Updates

Zai claims to be a scientist, but does not list any science degrees in her academic credentials. She claims to have worked for a "research firm" in 1996, but even by being charitable and estimating her age at 40, that would make her age in 1996 as being 22, hardly enough time to gain a Bsc. She also says that as a scientist, she "thinks" that Neil Young is right in his claims about the Oilsands. Hmmm... a `scientist' thinks that a layman is right about a scientific deduction?


Still no mention of any degree but social work and a Bsw does not a scientist make.




A series of screenshots where Zai flounders around as people point out that she initiated contact with them and she responds with wild abusive language.




And on it goes. This person needs a wetpack. How she got through a social work program is beyond me.  

A selection of tweets showing her mental instability as she froths at the mouth

Here she makes an assertion that the RCMP torched their own cruisers and when asked to provide source to back the assertion up, completely comes unglued.

Another even more bizarre series of tweets that break down into disassociative word salad. One gets the sense that Zai really needs medication and hospitalization for her illness.

Update April 1, 2014

It seems that Zai only lasted a year as a Social Worker before having her membership in the College of Social Workers suspended for non payment of fees.

The following might explain why she couldn't pay her fee. If no one hires you because you are a whiner and paranoid, you can't pay the fee.

Apparently Zai moves in a different universe than the rest of us. She claims 20 years experience in Social Work but only graduated in 2010 and was suspended in 2011. Somehow one year became 20 years. But wait!! Didn't she earlier claim to have been a research scientist in 1996? If so, she was also moonlighting as a social worker if her 20 year figure is to be taken as true. Unless, of course she is really saying she has 20 years experience of being on Social Assistance :)

Updated April 2nd

Zai whines that this page is abusive to her, and that the screen caps a not a fair representation of her. Sorry kid, but you are what you speak. The only thing altered is deletion of twitter handles of your victims. BTW, nothing criminal. But you knew that didn't you.

April 5, 2014 Update

Random insanity and inanities by our favourite faux scientist and suspended Social Worker Zai

And as promised, here is the search for the published "healing strategy" that Zai claims was published in 2009 Note that not only is her name missing, but that they didn't even publish any articles that year.


April 16 Update

In this instalment, we see our soi-distant scientist completely misread an abstract from a research paper, and frantically tweet everyone she can think of to inform her of her discovery that sand causes cancer, and therefore, it is the sand in the oilsands that is causing the cancers in Northern  Alberta. Even though cancer rates there are no higher than in rest of Canada.

 And here is her source    Silica, Silicosis, and Lung Cancer: 

And here are her frantic tweets as she heroically attempts to get the news out





 April 18 Update

Where our scientist confuses diatomaceous earth with silca sand and concludes that they both are same as the sand in the oilsands.


And another example of the fine debating skills of our social worker and soi-distant scientist

April 22 Update

A political hopeful from Toronto running for the Toronto District School Board gives his unequivocal support for Zai

here is Zai's plaintive whine for help to her friend John Furr.

My request for John Furr to correct any errors in the Zai file

At this time, he has not responded to that offer.

 May 16 Update

Apparently Zai has updated her LinkedIn profile. Still no sign of her scientist credentials.


Zai continues to accuse others of hatred and harassment, while failing to show any examples of said harassment. A sad case of a person who is so twisted up with hatred that she even perceives her being ignored as an expression of hatred. 

I am considering starting up a pledge page to raise funds for mental health treatment for Zai, as she is apparently not able to find work and her mental health is deteriorating daily. It is sad to see her decompensating at such a rapid pace, and many fear that she may become a danger to herself and others as her illness progresses.

Finally, our poor subject outs herself as not being a real scientist as she has claimed.

May 18 Update

Zai is confused, Sometimes she is First Nations. Note the traditional FN name and appearance.

But then, on other occasions she becomes a Muslim East Indian from Mauritius

She obviously is A, a serial liar, or B, psychologically obsessed with being recognized as part of an in group. I have to wonder that if the discussion was about black oppression, would she become a Negro? Or if about holocaust, would she change from Muslim to Jewish?

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to list the lies, abusive language and other delightful bon mots of Zai.


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