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How Green-Enviro-Kook policies have placed EU under the Russian Bear's Thumb

by Lazarus on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:02 AM
How the Greens and Environmentalists placed the EU and Ukraine under Putin's Thumb

The EU is virtually powerless to do anything but give moral support to the Ukrainians struggle against Russian domination due to the activities of the green movement and the environmental radicals. The Greens and enviro-kooks have fought to keep the EU nations, particularly those in the eastern part of Europe from gaining energy independence by campaigning and blocking the use of fracking that would have allowed countries like Poland and others from using gaining access to shale oil and, more importantly, natural gas within their own borders. This leaves those countries dependent on gas purchased from Russia's Gazprom, the state-owned natural gas company. Any time the EU gets uppity about Russian aggression against the Ukraine, the Russians can turn off the tap and cut gas exports to the EU. The EU needs that gas to heat homes and for cooking. Wind and solar won't do it, despite the claims of the Greens.


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