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Repost of an article on the Caledonia Blockade in 2013

by Lazarus on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 11:26 AM
Police are wrong to disregard Court Injunctions  

The Ontario Provincial Police chose to ignore court injunctions directing them to remove blockades of CN tracks last week. This week, OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis posted a video explaining how it was up to the on-site commander to determine if he would obey a “scrap of paper written by some judge”. Apparently Commissioner Lewis hasn't read the Police Services Act which states that the duties of the police include obeying the directions of the court. This police officer was in charge of the Caledonia standoff where he and the officers under his command stood idly by while FN demonstrators physically beat a civilian to near death, and watched while a group of FN people drove a vehicle directly at an officer and took no action during the event nor after. Yet, when a group of citizens from Caledonia protested the lack of police protection, they were promptly arrested, even though they did nothing more than walk on a city street in a small group.

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