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October 5 Update of the Misogynists Club

by Lazarus on Thursday, October 5, 2017 8:25 AM
This week, I have added a few names in the hypocritical leftists and feminists portion of the list. A note of interest, one Parliamentary Secretary has unfollowed Cynic in the wake of her being outed as a follower of a misogynist. That was Kim Rudd, MP for Northumberland-Peterborough  As usual, new additions are hightlighted in Red.  





Fake Feminists and other Hypocritical Leftist types outraged at misogyny and bigotry while ignoring their own.   Tim Huyer       @tim4hire I am allegedly not a mind reader. MgS    @MgS_2011 whose bio states "Bigotry gets taken to task or blocked depending on my mood. Kathi Wilson    @midwifek  Midwifing, socialist politics and feminism Kanchana Fernando @kanchanaf_yeg Canadian, lawyer, feminist Dan Browne   @DanBrowne89 Union rep. #LGBTQ Miri Hadas Koller @mirikoller Torontonian, liberal, feminist Sally Jones     @NihilistSally Single mom, feminist, social justice activist, union member Dr. Philip Savage @docsavagephd McMaster...
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