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McMaster Students so Immature that they are not even Potty Trained

by Lazarus on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 5:57 AM
McMaster Students so Immature that they are not even Potty Trained


On Saturday, McMaster Students held a homecoming party on a normally quiet residential street in Hamilton. Approximately 2000 students took part in littering the landscape with crushed beer cans and, to the the neighbours shock wandered around urinating and defecating(For University Students, the preceding means Pissing and Shitting) on the lawns.

McMaster’s administration put out a statement “I think neighbours have the right to be angry, that’s where they live. They deserve to be treated with respect and have their property remain respected. For sure, we have to try to do better.”

McMaster’s Dean of Students offered this limp gesture saying “this was the biggest Mac party he has ever seen.” I’m not sure the Dean was bragging or alarmed.

I am waiting to see what, if any disciplinary action is taken by the University, but I don’t expect much since this is McMaster, where the administration allows students...
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