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August 8 Update of the Misogynist Club

by Lazarus on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 12:52 PM
A short update of the Misogynist’s Club this week. Notable for the presence of a social worker type and a self-acknowledged mentally ill person who is also a misogynist, a bad combination for women close at hand in the real world. Also a Poli Sci major who tried trolling but failed badly when it was pointed out to her that percentage of votes, not total of possible votes was the important factor in the UCP unity vote.


In other words, the usual crowd of wankers and misfits who live their hate-filled lives vicariously by following the gutter utterances of Robert Day aka Canadian Cynic.


Harold Pliszka @hpliszka Social worker ardently supporting social (& health) equity while working at a University & in a shelter.

Annette Last @AnnetteLast Poli Sci major who doesn't understand percentage of votes.

Norman Bruce Farrell @Nbf46Norman Mentally Ill person who follows a Misogynist. Bad news for women in his life.

Dubya Hamilton @whamilton86

J. Cowely @CosmicFirePeace...
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