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August 1 Update of the Misogynist's Club

by Lazarus on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 1:15 PM
Time for this week’s update of the Misogynist Club. A few new members, with a twist, 3 of them are females. Have to wonder why women would want to associate with men that call women “Cunts”? Do they limit their love of abasement and humiliation to verbal slurs or do they enjoy physical expressions of misogyny as well?


Could it be that they view Cynic’s views on women as a way of affirming their low status in life? Do they see themselves a deserving of slurs and misogyny? Or is this a learned behaviour taught to them by parents, husband or boyfriends?


Hard to say, since when asked questions like these, the women who follow Cynic all retreat to evasive responses. Could that be some sense of shame with a residue of pride still in existence deep within them?


This week so far, I have added a few names in the hypocritical leftists and feminists portion of the list.

As usual, new additions are hightlighted in Red.


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