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July 20 update to the List of Terrorist Apologists

by Lazarus on Thursday, July 20, 2017 8:04 PM
This week’s update of the apologists of Omar The Terrorist Khadr contains the usual progressive types although one was quite amusing. Claimed to be an indigenous lawyer who insisted that even though Khadr was raised in a Muslim family steeped in Islamist culture that he be judged by white Canadian standards. Funny to see an indigenous person demanding that we ignore his cultural background. Bet she would have strong objections if someone was to reject using Gladue standards in a case involving a First Nations person. But that is the sort of cultural imperialism one gets used to dealing with when discussing anything with progressives.


Omer Aziz @omeraziz12

Hope Aldridge @hopealdridge

Meghan @gingerwombat Claims to be an Indigenous lawyer. Cultural Imperialist, Racist

Bill Bowen @bowenbill21

Zac Trolley @ZacTrolley

R Reid @Handy__Rob

Naseer Ahmad @manfromatlan

Christoper Arnold @dreamitnowdoit

FranklyMyDear @MrDash109

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Hope Aldridge
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July 20 update to the Misognyist List and Michael Coren talks and agrees on Khadr with them

by Lazarus on Thursday, July 20, 2017 6:57 AM
Interesting twitter thread today as more of the Misogynist Club emerges into the light to have a mutual circle jerk with Michael Coren the former conservative now turned gay liberationist, terrorist supporter and general progressive.

Coren who re-invents himself with each decade swinging back and forth from right to left like a drunk driver carrying a .3ml blood alcohol limit, driving home from the pub, now finds himself sitting in agreement with a group of misogynists.




Here is today’s list of Misogynist Club members:

Rubble Commander @thatMrNeil Tweets Rape Fantasies about women when he trolls

Hope Aldridge @hopealdridge Self Loathing Misogynist Female

ChuckW12 @ChuckW12 pr

Christopher Arnold @dreamitnowdoit

Naseer Ahmad @manfromatlan

André Forcier @airbus63

Andres Depres @techead87

Athena Marks @athenamarks27

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