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July 9, 2017 Update of the Misogynist Club - Supplemental List

by Lazarus on Sunday, July 9, 2017 6:40 AM
Plenty of new folk emerged from Robert Day’s Country School for Misogyny yesterday, all to defend Trudeau and his largesse to Terrorist Omar Khadr.

Using the lessons taught by their leader, who coincidentally never will tweet outside his little circle of fans, they gather like midges in a marsh where they do no harm, but their incessant whining eventually becomes an annoyance.

Here are the pick of the litter... And by litter, I am not referring to pets.


CDNMisanthrope @CDNMisanthrope No patience for bigots, truthiness, spin, or the willfully stupid.

Gord Daniels @kind_of_hoping feminist male

Jason McRobie @UnkleGrizzly

Jack T @Jackman_099

Scott Dimma @scootluc

Laura @Ciocia

Slightly Cranky @ephenas

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