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July 20 update to the List of Terrorist Apologists

by Lazarus on Thursday, July 20, 2017 8:04 PM
This week’s update of the apologists of Omar The Terrorist Khadr contains the usual progressive types although one was quite amusing. Claimed to be an indigenous lawyer who insisted that even though Khadr was raised in a Muslim family steeped in Islamist culture that he be judged by white Canadian standards. Funny to see an indigenous person demanding that we ignore his cultural background. Bet she would have strong objections if someone was to reject using Gladue standards in a case involving a First Nations person. But that is the sort of cultural imperialism one gets used to dealing with when discussing anything with progressives.


Omer Aziz @omeraziz12

Hope Aldridge @hopealdridge

Meghan @gingerwombat Claims to be an Indigenous lawyer. Cultural Imperialist, Racist

Bill Bowen @bowenbill21

Zac Trolley @ZacTrolley

R Reid @Handy__Rob

Naseer Ahmad @manfromatlan

Christoper Arnold @dreamitnowdoit

FranklyMyDear @MrDash109

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Hope Aldridge
Naseer Ahmad
Omer Aziz
Bill Bowen
Zac Trolley
R Reid
Christoper Arnold

2nd Supplemental List of Terrorist Supporters and Apologists for July 10

by Lazarus on Monday, July 10, 2017 8:18 PM
The number of Supporters and Apologists of Terrorists keeps growing at a fast enough rate that I have been forced to update the list yet again. That is twice in one day. Fortunately, Angus-Reid came out with a poll that sent the Media Elite into a mouth-frothing, screaming fit of rage. Just what I needed to see. People such as Jesse Brown of and Aaron Wherry of the CBC shouting “NO NO NO, Everyone is wrong and we are right”!!


The poll showed that 71% of Canadians think that the government ought not to have paid Omar the Terrorist Khadr any money at all. Poll can be found at


Because the list is growing so rapidly, from here on out, I will only post the new listings. So here are the updates from this evening.


Faye Hansen @Fansen

Coimín @Coimin_T

Aaron Wherry @AaronWherry Journalist for CBC and other Legacy Media

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Faye Hansen
Aaron Wherry
JA Elliott
S. Jain
B. Regehr
Rev Barb
Claire Rush
Ms. Understood
Rogue Chimp

July 10th Supplemental List of Terrorist Supporters and Apologists

by Lazarus on Monday, July 10, 2017 6:58 AM
The number of Canadians on Twitter that support terrorists and call for coddling terrorists continues to grow. Most are rather banal and typical of the liberal left who seek out victims, the more bloodthirsty the better. These are the type that sit in their lonely rooms and write to serial killers in prisons, professing their love. 


On the other hand, a few are rather remarkable. One lady who apparently has her Masters in Social Work and is a member of the 6 Nations Reserve said that Omar Khadr should be judged not as a Muslim but as a child as defined by White Culture. If someone insisted that a Mohawk be treated as if he were white by the courts in sentencing, she would be the first to scream "Gladue"!!! 



Another interesting woman who tweeted out her position as an apologist for Terrorist Omar Khadr was Adrienne Clarkson, former High Living, Governor General of Canada.


JnastyX @JeremyFedok

b @Igbtxmen

ProudAmerican🇺🇸Sue @BigDuhie1955

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Merlin @MerlinYYC
Tej Sahota
Jason Alexander
Adrienne Clarkson

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