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An open letter to the Supporters and Apologists for Omar the Terrorist Khadr

by Lazarus on Sunday, July 9, 2017 11:21 AM

Perhaps the many legion of Terrorist supporters and Apologists for Omar Khadr and our Prime Minister could answer this question. How did $100,000.00 grow into $10.5  million? 



Would any of the follow legal Scholars that spent yesterday claiming that the court ordered a $10.5 Million payout care to respond?  

JnastyX @JeremyFedok


b @Igbtxmen




Sue @BigDuhie1955


Qeenissa @Qeenissa2020


Sean Crowel @canphan666


M.AnitaLandry @MAnitalandry


Colleen Mcconnell @colleenheather1


John Oliver @JohnOliverMP MP riding of Oakville, Ontario.


Leona Alleslev @LeonaAlleslev MP for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill


Nada UmmNour @strivingpath


SaugaToons @SaugaToons...
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Once upon a Time, Justin Trudeau said "Canada will not pay money to Terrorists"

by Lazarus on Sunday, July 9, 2017 11:18 AM

When Canadians Robert

Hall and John Ridsdel were kidnapped and later murdered in the Philippines last September, Trudeau said, " 

“I do want to make one thing perfectly crystal clear; Canada does not and will not pay terrorists, directly or indirectly.”



That was then. Now a Canadian who was and may still well be, a terrorist has been paid $10.5 million dollars by Trudeau's government.  



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July 9th Supplemental List of Terrorist Supporters and Apologists

by Lazarus on Sunday, July 9, 2017 6:43 AM
There were several new entries in the Terrorist Supporters and Apologists list yesterday as the left in Canada came out in numbers to defend Omar Khadr’s winning of the Terrorist Lotto given out by Justin Trudeau. I was initially amazed at the number of Canadians who support or are willing to be apologists for terrorism, but on reflection, I look at the education system that this shower of children come from and it begins to make sense.


CDNMisanthrope @CDNMisanthrope

Don Padget @DonPadget

ThommytheCat3 @worldincrisis1 Supports Palestinian Terrorists

Tomasso @TomassoRico

juice @Heart_of_Au

Laura @Ciocia

CannabisDad @CannabisDad

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