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July 8, 2017 Update of the Misogynist Club

by Lazarus on Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:28 AM

With the Khadr payoff, out came the usual leftist terrorist apologists and to no real surprise a number are members of Canadian Cynic's Misogynist Club. I have separated the list to this time and left out the Journos and Politicians as they have had no changes. So it's just the fake feminists and hypocritical trolls that are listed.



As usual, latest entries are shown in red. 




Fake Feminists and other Hypocritical Leftist types outraged at misogyny and bigotry while ignoring their own.

Tim Huyer @tim4hire I am allegedly not a mind reader.

MgS @MgS_2011 A twitter follower whose bio states "Bigotry gets taken to task or blocked depending on my mood.

Kathi Wilson @midwifek Midwifing, socialist politics and feminism

Kanchana Fernando @kanchanaf_yeg Canadian, lawyer, feminist

Dan Browne @DanBrowne89 Union rep. #LGBTQ

Miri Hadas Koller @mirikoller Torontonian, liberal, feminist

Sally Jones @NihilistSally...
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