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The Patrick Brown Era: Will it be a Disaster or an Opportunity for Renewal

by Lazarus on Saturday, June 10, 2017 5:54 AM
Just when it looked as though the Ontario Progressive Conservatives had an opportunity to blow the straw house of the Wynne government down, it now seems in doubt. As Patrick Brown, leader of the Progressive Conservatives should have been blowing a fresh gust of air into the pre-election atmosphere, he chose instead to break wind, sending his base running from out behind him holding their noses and looking for a new home.


It seems that in several riding nominations, there were, to say the least, questionable activities, that resulted in his anointed picks becoming the winners. From allegations of ballot stuffing, voters who did not only appear to not live in the riding, but all had the same phone number and address, to allegations of interference from party executives, these caused calls from riding associations for reviews and appeals of the nomination votes. All calls were turned down, and Patrick Brown appointed all candidates elected so far, a deed that under the PCPO constitution eliminates...
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