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This Week’s Update on the Misogynist’s Club May 16

by Lazarus on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 8:50 PM
This week I have already found another member of The National Observer, another lefty "online journalism effort" has another staff member in the misogynists club run by Canadian Cynic.

I also found, as BC NDP candidate from the just past election who also is a club member.

Along with those two finds, I also noted that Press Progess, the official voice of the Broadbent Institute follows Cynics female counterpart, Kathleen Smith. 

Kathleen takes frequent stands against Misogyny and bullying, but was and still is a charter member of Cynic's Misogynist Club.


Just found a director of the Broadbent Institute who follows Cynic. Goodness, the socialist Broadbent Institute is looking more like a bunch of thugs wearing wifebeaters and drinking ale from the can . 


The CBC has contributed a former member of their organization, a comedian who apparently thinks misogynist comments are the height of humour.








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