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Michael Chong Quits the Misogyny Club

by Lazarus on Monday, May 8, 2017 8:27 AM
Michael Chong quits the Misogynist Club


Conservative Party Leadership candidate Michael Chong has, after 6 months of continuous pressure, finally quit following the Misogynist Club. With every tweet from him and his campaign staff being met by questions about why he follows Robert Day’s misogyny club when it directs its’ vitriol at female conservative Mps, the pressure appears to have got to him. Of course it might also be the realization that his support for Day’s club may be costing him votes in the leadership contest.

Following a rapid fire exchange in recent days with his Communications Director, Chisholm Pothier, and the news story of Chong’s statement that he was the only candidate that had a platform of non-bigotry, a check of Chong’s status showed the following:




So after 6 months of being smacked down in public,...
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