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Michael Chong Advocacy Group attempts to deflect criticism of Chong's quiet support of Misogyny directed at Female Conservatives

by Lazarus on Thursday, May 4, 2017 5:52 PM
Michael Chong's candidacy for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has a purportedly"grassroots" advocacy and promotion group named Tolerable Opposition behind him. This group, when examined even quickly, turns out to be the creation and sole work of one person Elmer Finkelstein, a Toronto area youngster. When it was pointed out to Tolerable Opposition, that Chong quietly follows Canadian Cynic's misogynist tweets, TO demanded references. The screen caps were sent with the original tweets and to this minute, TO insists "they" need references that I haven't supplied. In other words, deflecting and refusing to admit that their candidate stood by for months without saying a word or even unfollowing someone who called female associates of Chong "Cunts" and listed them by name with the F word. It appears that like his Candidate, Elmer or Benjamin, as he sometimes likes to post as, has the same lack of moral principles. Both run away from the public knowledge and facts surrounding Chong's links to misognyny...
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