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A Surprise in the Twisted World of Leftist Politics and Misogyny

by Lazarus on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 7:53 PM
A funny thing happened to me on my daily trip through the Twitterverse today. I discovered that Rabble Magazine, that online bastion of feminism and all types of "isms" was a secret tacit supporter of Misogyny. Yes, I found them following Canadian Cynic's twitter feed. The twitter feed that Robert Day uses to call conservative women c*nts and where feminist politicians and journalists sit silently applauding. And while exploring that dank region of the twitterverse, I found that yet another journalist, David Climenhaga follows the same misogyny feed. David is a contributor to the Rabble, and in his past has worked at the liberal leaning Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, and has served as Communications Director of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, has also taught courses in introductory journalism, newspaper copy-editing and political science at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary and in journalism at The King's University College, a private Christian university in Edmonton. He now writes...
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