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Update two on the Secret Misogynists

by Lazarus on Saturday, December 10, 2016 4:45 PM
I had hoped that my previous update would be my last update on the tale of leftist journos and politicians who follow a sexist and misogynistic twitter troll, but alas it seems that they can’t bring themselves to unfollow someone who gets their jollies from calling women C*NTS. But it seems that even more journalists and politicians follow him now. Thanks to a friend to has continued to monitor the account, I can now update the list of followers.




Sandy Garossino @Garossino Associate Editor, National Observer

Jen Gerson @jengerson Journalist National Post

Kathleen Smith @KikkiPlanet EthosPost Contributor

Glen Mcgregor @Glen_mcgregor Parliament Hill Correspondent CTV News

Althia Raj @althiaraj Ottawa Bureau Chief Huffington Post

Kady O'Malley @kady Ottawa Citizen reporter

Stefani Langenegger @Slangenegger CBC Reporter




Sandra Jansen @sandrayycnw NDP MLA for Calgary NW

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