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Why the Libertarian Party of Canada fails its Candidates and Members

by Lazarus on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 10:53 AM
Earnest libertarians in Canada often ponder this question; Why does the Libertarian Party of Canada continually and consistently shoot itself in the foot by driving candidates away from the party? The cause can be seen by observing the party from two perspectives. One, the party has a shallow talent pool amongst it upper levels. Those who end up forming the executive often have little political experience and little experience in managing large or diverse organizations. This lack of experience leads to a feeling that the executive needs to keep a hands on control of both the party and the candidates which in turn leads to a fear of letting candidates speak outside the party “message”. The executive tends to fear possible criticism of the party if candidates go into unfamiliar territory or in political terms, off-message. What is often forgotten by the executive is that the candidates often have vast experience in their chosen hobby-horse and are well versed in the topic and able to counter...
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