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An excerpt from Question Period in a different Time and Space

by Lazarus on Friday, October 3, 2014 11:34 AM
In a land, in a different time and space, a Prime Minister known as Justin the Gaff-prone stands before the House of Commons to announce that in response to the slaughter and rape of civilians in a country known as Iraq, he has ordered humanitarian aid to be delivered. PM: Today, in response to requests by the world community, I have ordered the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Social Workers into Iraq to succour the needy and homeless refugees who have fled ISIS. The leader of the opposition party Stephen Harper rises with a question. SH: Will the Prime Minister explain how these workers' will have their safety protected in view of the fact that ISIS is known to decapitate those who interfere or work against it? PM: I have faith in our people to do their work, and they are trained not to lose their heads in a crisis, so I am confident that they will be fine. SH: What about prosecuting these evil barbarians for the...
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