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Why the Media Frenzy over Ezra Levant?

by Lazarus on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 9:40 AM
Why the Media frenzy over Ezra Levant The media frenzy over Ezra Levant's over the top commentary on Justin Trudeau's parents continues unabated today, two days after Sun News ran an apology at the beginning of Ezra's show. The question of why the media is in such a frenzy is an interesting one. Certainly the commentary, while humorous, was crude and excessive, which would explain Justin's response of boycotting Sun News Network reporters, but it doesn't explain the media rabid response. Other columnists and commentators in Canadian media have made similar comments toward Prime Minister Harper and other conservative politicians, Heather Mallick of the Toronto Star comes to mind with her teenage Facebook style of drama queen writing. Yet those commentaries come and go without any voiced outrage from Canadian media. So what makes Ezra special that the media pundits and reporters are driven into such a fury over him? From what I have observed, it is a mix of several...
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