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Magical Thinking by Some libertarians

by Lazarus on Thursday, September 25, 2014 10:18 AM
Magical Thinking By Some Libertarians  

Online, I have been reading tweets from some libertarians who appear to be taking the position that Islamic Terrorism will not effect us if we do not participate in the fight against ISIS. The idea being that the Islamists will not attack Canadians if we isolate ourselves from them. This is a wonderful idea, but it is based on the theory that all sides are rational actors. ISIS and other Islamic groups have shown consistently that they are definitely not rational actors, but ideologically driven zealots. They don't have to come here as they are already here or at least their useful idiots who, through the net have become radicalized online. These followers leave Canada, train and fight overseas, and if they survive, come home to their communities where they serve to inspire future combatants and home grown terrorists.

To ignore this is to ignore facts and history at our own peril. There have already been terrorists arrested and convicted in Canada. ISIS has...
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