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Elizabeth May. Home of the Whopper

by Lazarus on Friday, September 5, 2014 9:20 AM
Elizabeth May, Congenital Liar, or Just a Typical Politician Is there a difference? Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Federal Green Party has a history on Twitter of playing fast and loose with the truth. When confronted with a lie she has stated as being true, she changes subjects or simply refuses to respond. While lying is not uncommon amongst politicians, she shamelessly continues to lie even in the face of documented evidence. She also states that the Green Party doesn't like fracking because there is no proof that it is not harmful to the environment and that she believes that until the evidence is in, that technological changes should not be implemented until it is proved to be safe for the environment and for people. Recently on Twitter, Lizzy declared I was wrong when I stated that the Federal Greens opposed the building of the proposed Victoria, BC sewage treatment plant.


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