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Why I am afraid to get my Indian Status Card

by Lazarus on Thursday, May 1, 2014 3:03 PM
Why I am afraid to get my Indian Status Card  

After learning that I qualified for a Status Card due to changes, Bill C-3, in the Indian Act that allowed eligible grand-children of women who lost status as a result of marrying non-Indian men to become entitled to registration (Indian status), I downloaded the forms, intending to fill them out. Circumstances delayed my doing so, and in the meantime, I noticed that many who did, had developed rather curious behaviour and mannerisms. Many of these freshly minted indigenous people, even though they only had one-quarter Indian blood in them, began to obsess online about their mistreatment by what they called Settler-Colonialists and the government. Many of these people had lived their entire lives as white, earning a good living and retiring with an income that many in Canada can only dream of seeing. Suddenly these well-to-do new members of First Nation bands were acting as though they had been schooled in residential schools and yanked from their native lands...
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