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Welcome to Twitter where the Politics of the Fringes exist

by Lazarus on Friday, April 18, 2014 12:37 PM
Welcome to Twitter where the Politics of the Fringes exist A case study of Fringe behaviour

The twitterverse is full of various political and science based arguments on environmental topics such as climate change, energy conservation, new energy and fossil fuels. As can be expected in an unmoderated environment, the debate ranges from reasoned and calm to over-the-top polemics that result in flaming back and forth among the participants. I have chosen to examine the fringes of such behaviour where there is little debate, but plenty of heated polemics with little factual information. I base this study on one of the more fringe characters, Zai, in the environmental field but concentrate not so much on her outrageous behaviour, which is already well documented Here but on the behaviour of those who follow her.

To those unfamiliar with Twitter, followers of a person receive all of her tweets and can respond to those tweets. Among the followers of Zai, are many with claims of science...
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