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Emergency! Unprepared Citizens on the loose!

by Lazarus on Monday, December 23, 2013 5:26 PM
The recent ice storm brought to my attention, just how unprepared and how reliant on the city the people of Toronto have become. This is a city that has experienced blackouts in the past, and the ice storm predictably brought about another. Many Torontonians have taken to twitter calling for a state of emergency to be called because power might not be fully restored before Christmas. When told that if they had prepared in advance for this storm, they wouldn't have any major problems, the typical response was as follows: Michael Bouck ‏@VainHostile 2h

@Lazarus1940 @Canadabuster @JoanneBLY So, we're supposed to buy generators and gas heaters with 36 hours notice? Call the SoE. #Topoli

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