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NGOs and Trade Unions are Mass Child Abusers

by Lazarus on Saturday, October 19, 2013 10:31 AM
NGOs and Trade Unions are Mass Child Abusers  

Some day, the various White-dominated trade unions and environmental NGOs will have to account for their actions when faced with the reality that they participate in fostering Systemic Generational Child Abuse. Systemic, as in ensuring that native communities remain locked into the failing system of government handouts, by using them as pawns to further their own goals. Generational, because remaining locked into system guarantees that the problems will continue to the next generation and further unless cycle is broken. Child Abuse, because the it is the children and future children that are the primary victims of continuous cycle of poverty. By their actions in fomenting and backing the protests against resource development near First Nation reserves, they are stopping the opportunity for FN communities to participate in gaining jobs and training for their members, and thus continuing the poverty cycle of so many reserves. This forces...
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