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Don't look for a Change in Ontario's Government any time soon

by Lazarus on Thursday, October 10, 2013 9:02 AM
Don't look for a Change in Ontario's Government any time soon

We now know what the price tag for the gas plant moves will, more or less, cost Ontario taxpayers. The Provincial Auditor came out with a 1.1 Billion dollar cost with a warning that it may cost even more. This is in line with what many were forecasting throughout the summer. The Progressive Conservatives under Tim Hudak want to bring the government down and force an election. This is unlikely to come about since it would require the support of the New Democrats and the co-operation of the ruling Liberal party. Realistically, the earliest we can expect an election is in the spring when the Liberals have to present a budget. Under Ontario Parliamentary rules, one time when an election can be forced is the defeat of a sitting government monetary bill, such as a budget. Even then, the Conservatives would still require the cooperation of the New Democrats. This support can not be guaranteed...
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