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The Abandonment of the Presidency

by Lazarus on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 3:51 PM
The Abandonment of the Presidency

I don't usually venture into American politics, as I find keeping up with all the various political maneuvers in Canada takes up more time than I can spare. However, the recent shutdown of the US government is an interesting one, in that it shows the true character of the current president under pressure. Unlike all other presidents who have come to an impasse over spending with the house, Barack Obama has taken a firm position that there will be no negotiations, and that it is up to the house of representatives to bend to his will. Since there is plenty of opposition to his spending plans and to his healthcare program which must have its funding authorized by the house, the impasse continues. In previous government shutdowns, the presidents and house leaders have looked for small areas of common agreement and built upon those, much like companies and unions do in a contract strike. In this case, with the...
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