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People's ideas, like food, have a best before date

by Lazarus on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 10:25 AM
People's ideas, like food, have a best before date Margaret Atwood, along with her fellow 70's era icon David Suzuki is exhibiting proof that some people and their ideas have a “best before” date, and both of them have gone way past that, to the point of irrelevancy. David Suzuki showed that he has become nothing more than a doddering buffoon, whose ideas would be easily forgotten if not for the continued infatuation of the uncritical mainstream media, when he appeared on Australia's state broadcaster. During his appearance, he demonstrated that he not only knew nothing factual about the climate debate, but that even in his own field, genetics, his knowledge of the field stopped growing about the time when he gained his Ph.D. Margaret Atwood showed that either she has retreated into a senile innocence, or that she is completely out of touch with...
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