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Blackdog: A Village Under Threat

by Lazarus on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 6:06 PM
A Village Under Threat Blackdog Village is a small seaside village, not far from Aberdeen, with just over 60 residences unfortunately nestled amongst 19 landfills. These landfills, many of which were in use long before they were regulated, and many were unlined and leaking to this day. To serve an offshore windfarm, it has been proposed that an electrical substation be built near the village of Blackdog. The site proposed for the substation is on top of an old dump. Residences of the village recall that this landfill was used to dump the following: Old cars and batteries Red oxide paint, believed to contain lead. Tyres from RAF Dyce, the kids burned them on their bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night. A brand of rat poison called 'Rodine' was banned from use and the Council dumped all their remaining stocks here. One resident recalls taking a tin home to his father and got a kick up the backside for bringing home something highly poisonous...
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