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Drinking from the Kool Aid filled Chalice of Saint Suzuki

by Lazarus on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 5:22 PM
David Suzuki gave a demonstration of his lack of moral courage as he chose to hide from SunNews reporter Jessica Hume at a public meeting where the media was invited to attend. Cowering in the back of the church where the meeting was held, Saint Suzuki asked others to confront Jessica and ask that she leave. First up was a whining woman who spent as much time talking about her “body image” problems as she did requesting that the SunNews team leave the church. She was followed by the United Church minister who demanded that SunNews leave his church. When told that the Green Party had sent out a press release advertising the event as a media event, he told Jessica that he didn't care and he wanted her to leave. When Hume stood her ground, and asked him if the meeting was a closed meeting, he insisted that if she did not have a ticket, she would have to leave. Upon her restating that she had been invited by the Green Party to the event along with other members of the media, he began to repeat himself, telling...
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