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Political Pragmatism vs Fairness and Justice

by Lazarus on Saturday, February 9, 2013 4:14 PM
The events of the past couple of days involving Senator Patrick Brazeau serve to illustrate the difference between justice or fairness and political pragmatism. A number of people online, on blogs and in the twitter-verse have expressed indignation that Prime Minister Steven Harper, upon hearing of the arrest and search of Senator Brazeau's house, immediately announced his suspension from caucus. They talked about how Harper had forgotten that people are presumed innocent until proved guilty. They talked about the lack of consistency in who was suspended and who was allowed to remain in caucus. All this shows that many people, who follow politics, do not understand the nuts and bolts of hardcore politics. It is likely that PM Harper thought hard about suspending Senator Brazeau from caucus. After all, he is one of only a handful of aboriginal members of caucus, and the one who has been taking the lead on countering the IdleNoMore movement, and calling for accountability from the various...
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