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Policy Wonk Implodes on Twitter

by Lazarus on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 5:29 PM
Policy Wonks should be kept away from Voting Public


A Saskatchewan Green Party Policy Analyst implodes on Social Media

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing why it is not a good idea for policy wonks to take to social media with their ideas. It started with a tweet from @sierra_rayne, a senior policy analyst for the Saskatchewan Green Party. In it, he attacked farmers and skilled tradespeople as being self-important, and stated that they had no more skills to offer than those that earn minimum wage for labour type jobs.  


As he was pressed by farmers and skill trades to show some proof, he compounded his problem by stating that many skilled tradespeople would trouble performing basic tasks in restaurants, IE dish-washing and waiting on tables, and that unskilled labour would be able to step in and perform the work of farmers and skilled trades. At that point,...
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Voting Green with your wallet

by Lazarus on Thursday, February 7, 2013 9:36 AM

I offer a proposal that offers an opportunity for those who support Green Energy to vote with their wallet, to put their money where their mouth is and show that they really support Green Energy.

To do this, governments would drop all Green Energy subsidies. Consumers would see on their electric bill two schedules of payment. One for Conventional and one for Green Energy at the unsubsidized rate. This would allow the supporters of Green Energy to show their support, without forcing by government mandate, others to be coerced into supporting and paying for something they don't want.


Transportation costs could be dealt with the same way. Unsubsidized Green Energy could be offered at filling stations, whether it be Green Electricity for those who would be using their Green electric cars, or those who are using hybrids and filling the gas tank with unsubsidized Ethanol. Motorists who choose to use conventional fuel would pay the conventional market price for their fill ups. Those who choose mass transit, whether buses, street cars, trains, or airplanes, could choose to use Green powered transit or Conventional and, of course, pay the unsubsidized rate for whichever form of transport they choose, if said choice is available. The same could go for home heating as well if the home was not heating by electric heat.

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