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IdleNoMore and Liberal Suppression tactics

by Lazarus on Thursday, January 31, 2013 11:53 AM
A simple opinion piece on the IdleNoMore movement, published in the Midnight Sun News and written by Dean Skoreyko has caused quite a stir in the Yukon. The column which points out how the IdleNoMore movement has turned from its original purpose of highlighting problems on First Nation reserves to an incoherent muddle of causes has apparently angered Yukon Liberal Party President Cherish Clarke. As well as being the Yukon Liberal Party President, Clarke ran as a candidate in the riding of Takhini-Kopper King in the 2011 election ending up in last place on the ballot polling 22% of the vote. She has since turned her attentions to being a perpetually angry protester and supporter of the IdleNoMore movement. As such, when the Op-Ed by Skoreyko appeared in the the Midnight Sun News, a Yukon publication with a pro-business, decidedly conservative bent, dependent on advertising from the local business community, Clarke went ballistic. But rather...
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