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A Real Day of Action is Needed

by Lazarus on Monday, January 28, 2013 10:43 AM
I was happy to see that the IdleNoMore movement was going to take part in a Day of Action. This was good news as their tactics of inaction, sitting around and complaining about housing problems and the like was getting little done toward solving the problem. Then I read the events scheduled for the Day of Action and realized that they were having a day of inaction with more endless talking, drumming and flag waving. I thought to myself since the big unions of the country are supplying funding, why not have as a day of action, a day where the unions pony up money for roofing material, insulation, some bleach for mold killing, and other material, and all the IdleNoMore folks could head to the closest reserves and spend a day working with reserve members refurbishing and renovating the rundown housing that they have been complaining about. This would do two things. First, show that they are committed to assisting the First Nations in resolving real problems on the reserve,...
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