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The Useful Idiots of IdleNoMore

by Lazarus on Sunday, January 20, 2013 11:42 AM
The IdleNoMore movement which started out as a First Nations protest against certain portions of the government's omnibus budget bill has slowly morphed into an incoherent mass of contradictory messages. Over the months, it has turned from its original grassroots beginning into a Astroturf movement packed with rent-a-mob types from the Occupy movement and other professional protesters backed by big union money.

It has also become a venue for disgruntled Chiefs who lost the democratic election for the AFN leadership won by Shawn Atleo. Pam Palmater, a Micmaq who teaches law at Ryerson and was a 341-141 vote loser against Atleo, has found a venue from which to vent her bizarre claims that the government of Steven Harper is on a crusade to exterminate the First Nation peoples.


Many of those who support the IdleNoMore movement can't even explain why they support the movement, nor do they have knowledge of the various Bills that the...
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