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Feminists Silent on Rape when the rape victims are Indian or Arab

by Lazarus on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 4:31 PM
Oh what is a Canadian Feminist to do. A highly influential Saudi cleric Muhammed al-Arifi issues a Fatwa, see Warriors of Islam , calling for the gang rape of Syrian women over the age of 14 if they are widowed or divorced in order to provide the for the rebel fighters or “warriors of Islam” fighting in Syria who may be getting weary for the lack of sexual pleasure. The problem for the feminists is that they, like so many other left-leaning groups, support the rebel fighters. Just lately, in India, a young medical student and her boyfriend were attacked on a bus by a group of men, one armed with metal rod. The boyfriend was knocked down and out by a blow from the metal rod and the girl was subsequently gang-raped by the group of men, including the bus driver. Not satisfied with beating and raping the young girl, the thugs finished their evening by shoving the metal rod deep inside...
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