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An Open Letter to Canada’s Media

This open letter will be sent via email to CBC, CTV, Global, National Post and other media outlets.

While it is common knowledge that many high ranking members of the Liberal Party of Canada follow a well-known misogynist who tweets, almost daily, a steady stream of vile hatred towards female politicians, not one member of the established mainstream media has picked up on it. This is strange, since I am quite sure that if a number of high ranking Conservative Party Members of Parliament were following a hate-monger, that the media would cover it for days on end.

However, I do have an idea why this silence is happening, despite the nudge, nudge, wink, wink knowledge of many journalists. They are aware of who is following and what is said by @CanadianCynic on his twitter account, as many journalists from mainstream media follow Cynic. 

The list of LPC Members of Parliament, including Cabinet Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries can be found here, along with samples of his misogynist comments.



This list is only a partial list of the followers of this misogynist.

There is another part that shows the number of Journalists and Producers etc from MainStream Media companies that also follow this person. Here are the Media people who follow Canadian Cynic on Twitter. Here is the list of Journalists and other media types that follow Cynic:


From the Vancouver/National Observer

Patti Bacchus @pattibacchus Vancouver Observer Contributing Education Editor. Public education advocate

Jenn Jefferys @JennJefferys National Observer, The Hill Times, Chatelaine, Vice

Sandy Garossino @garossino Associate Editor, National Observer

From Sun Media and PostMedia

Bethany Lindsay @bethanylindsay Reporter at the Vancouver Sun and Province.

Jen Gerson @jenGerson Journalist National Post

From Globe and Mail

Tim Querengesser @timquerengesser Walrus Magazine, Globe and Mail

From Toronto Star

Graham Parley @grahamparley Retired as city editor of Toronto Star in 2012.

ellen roseman @ellenroseman Toronto Star columnist,

From Huffington Post

Althia Raj @AlthiaRaj Ottawa Bureau Chief, The Huffington Post Canada

From IPolitics

Kady O'Malley @kady former Former Ottawa Citizen reporter now writes for IPolitics

From CanadaLand

Russell Gragg @russellgragg Journalist, senior producer for @CANADALAND

From Rabble

Michael Stewart @m_r_Stewart Editor at Rabble

From CTV

Glen Mcgregor @glen_mcgregor Parliament Hill correspondent for CTV News

From Global Television

SeánO'SheaGLOBALTV @ConsumerSOS Global TV News Canada consumer+investigative reporter

From TVO

Meredith Martin @meredithmartin Producer, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO. Very, super serious journalist type.

From CBC

John Lancaster @jlancasterCBC CBC Toronto investigative reporter

Errol Nazareth @ErrolNazareth Host @CBCBigCity * Music columnist @CBC @metromorning * Instructor @CentennialEDU

Tom Harrington @cbctom Host, The World This Hour - CBC Radio News,

santianni @mikesantianni Producer for CBC News Network.

Alexandra Zabjek @a_zabjek Still in journalism. Co-host of The Broadcast. CBC contributor.

mark @HarvCBC Journalist at CBC Edmonton

Heather Avery @heatheravery Northern news reader. CBC afternoon newscasts across Nunavut, NWT and Yukon.

Rick Palidwor @RickPalidwor Film & video maker & educator, former radio comedian 4 CBC

Amira Elghawaby @AmiraElghawaby CBC, Rabble, Globe and Mail Toronto Star Hill Times

From CHED AM Edmonton

Ryan Jespersen @ryanjespersen Morning guy on CHED 630AM in Redmonton


Michael Coren @michaelCoren Newstalk 1010 The Toronto Star and The Winnipeg Free Press and a regular contributor to The Walrus, Metro News TVOntario’s The Agenda and guest hosts on CKTB radio.


All of these media people have expressed, at one time or another, repugnance at the verbiage hurled at politicians such as Rachel Notley, Kathleen Wynne and Sandra Jansen. Yet they remain silent and follow along as Canadian Cynic uses words like “Cunt” and “Piece of Shit“ to describe female Members of Parliament from the Conservative Party. I can only assume that they agree with his assessment or choice of words. If so, this is very telling that journalists hold a double standard. Nasty words about female Liberal and New Democratic politicians are bad and must be condemned, but the same words written about Conservative politicians are acceptable.

What I would like to see is some response from our media corporations but I won’t hold my breath waiting. The bias is very deeply ingrained, and many companies are actively campaigning for government subsidies to keep their businesses afloat..

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