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An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau and Maryam Monsef




Originally posted ‎9‎/‎27‎/‎2017


Important update of information 10/04/2017 Kim Rudd Liberal MP for Northumberland-Peterborough has ceased to follow Misogynist Canadian Cynic aka Robert Day





As you have proclaimed yourself to be Canada’s Feminist Prime Minister, I am puzzled at how many of your caucus openly follow a misogynist without once remonstrating him on his use of the most vile terms to describe female politicians. As many of these caucus members are Cabinet Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, I would have expected this to come up during any vetting process before you appointed them to these positions. Here is what your caucus members see almost daily and yet have never objected to or seen as cause to cease following this person in social media(Twitter).


Maryam, as Minister for the Status of Women, are you not shocked and disgusted by those tweets? Should you not use your position as Minister to disavow such comments and to urge your fellow caucus members to unfollow or at least join you in condemning these vile tweets? As your government and you have stated recently, there is a need for more women in politics. I think you would agree that this type of attack would deter many women from considering politics and from running for office.

I have, on two previous occasions sent you and the Prime Minister emails to your parliamentary email accounts and have not received a response, thus this open letter.

Here is an updated, as of September 27, 2017, list of Federal Liberal Caucus members who follow Canadian Cynic aka Robert P.J. Day of Ottawa, Ontario. At the end of this letter you will see screen captures confirming these caucus members follow the aforementioned Canadian Cynic.


Joyce Murray    @joycemurray Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra; Parliamentary Secretary to the President  of the Treasury Board Liberal Party
Carloyn Bennett @Carolyn_Bennett Liberal Party M.P. Toronto-St. Paul's; Minister Indigenous & Northern Affairs
Monbina Jaffer  @SenJaffer Liberal Senator for British Columbia
Karen McCrimmon @karenmccrimmon Liberal MP for the riding of Kanata-Carleton
Scott Brison    @Scottbrison President of the Treasury Board
Chrystia Freeland @cafreeland Minister of Foreign Affairs
Cameron Ahmand  @cameronahmad Manager, media relations for @CanadianPM
Omar Alghabra   @OmarAlghabra Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liberal MP Mississagua Centre
Nate Erskine-Smith @beynate Liberal MP Beaches-East York
Andy Fillmore   @AndyFillmoreHFX Liberal MP Halifax Parliamentary Secretary for Democratic Institutions
David Graham    @daviddbgraham Member of Parliament for Laurentides--Labelle
Mark Holland    @markhollandlib Liberal MP for Ajax & Parliamentary Secretary for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
RobertFalconOuellett @DrRobbieO Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre


Today, I found out that the manager of media relations for the Prime Minister also follows the @CanadianCynic account. Is that the type of person, you want to have to represent your office to the media?



I will follow up this open letter by once again emailing this info to you and your Status of Women Minister in hope that you will see fit to speak out and disavow such misogynistic hatred and that you will urge your colleagues to refrain from following such a person, or at least join you in condemning his vile tweets of hatred. Thank you and I hope that, you and your Minister for Status of Women will act and do the right thing for women.






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