The Rational Anarchist

A Contractarian/Libertarian Perspective on Canadian Politics

Lazarus Long, besides being a beloved character from several Robert Heinlein novels, is the nom de plume of a libertarian writer. For over 20 years, as Lazarus, he has been writing political commentary, essays on liberty, and  through kicking sacred cows, goring oxen, causing many people to re-evaluate their ideological beliefs. 

He was a small  businessman for close to twenty years before retiring on disability. In the late eighties he began writing and posting as Lazarus on the FIDONet  BBS network from his own BBS, The Rational Anarchist BBS and eventually setting up his own network, the Classical Liberal Net with member BBSes  across Canada and the US as well as 5 BBSes in Europe at the same time creating the original Rational Anarchist website in the early nineties. At one time, the Rational Anarchist file system had the largest collection of libertarian/anarcho-capitalist  literature in the world. During this time period, Lazarus was also a prolific writer of commentary and essays producing an average of two essays a week as well as participating in several USENET groups and several mail lists on a daily basis. During this time, he was also managing his disability, as well as caring for his two children and his wife who became severely disabled and wheelchair bound in the mid-90s.

By the end of the nineties, he was becoming fatigued and starting to burnout, both emotionally and physically and by 2001, shut down the Rational Anarchist BBS and the Rational Anarchist website. The next ten years were spent with his wife in retirement living the summers at a nudist campground and the winters at their home in Southern Ontario. After some persuasion over the past year by his long time friend and sometime co-author, Ken Wiebe,  Lazarus was persuaded to come back to life(so to speak) and set up a new Rational Anarchist website. The production of written material will not be as prolific as before as he does not have the energy to maintain the sixteen to eighteen hour days of researching and writing that he maintained in the nineties, but there will be new works appearing soon and he will be maintaining a blog for his quick off-the-cuff comments as he sees fit.


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